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Steamboat Rock State Park-Banks Lake, WA

Camping at Banks Lake is perfect for the family that wants to hike, bike, boat or fish. The campground is clean and roomy with sites near the lake and cabins in the adjacent campsite. The boat launch is able to handle large boats or perfect to drop a jet ski and go. If you are active and adventure is the goal this campground is for you whether in a tent or an RV. The sites are amazing and the wild life entertaining. The dear run up the cliff at almost a 90 degree angle, and wild turkeys walk around the park. We took a kayak and bikes and I hiked to my hearts content. The only thing we forgot was a boat or jet ski to really enjoy the lake. Although years ago when the kids were little we camped in the boat and what an adventure that was until the fires in the hills chased us out. Add Banks lake to your yearly camping adventure! It was closed in 2020, but watch for it to reopen in 2021.