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Hike Boulder Trail-Darrington, WA.

Found a great hiking trail on HWY 530 on the way to Darrington, WA. Take a right on French Creek road. This hiking trail is amazing, well cared for and light use. Kid and dog friendly with amazing scenery with two water falls just a mile up. There are a couple of fallen trees that you have to crawl under but worth it for this hike. The full hike is about 5 miles in and another 5 back so plan to spend the day. I didn't have time to finish it but will do another day. Check it out the water fall and hike are well worth the drive toward Darrington. Tested the back pack and hiking stick both worked well, back pack was very comfortable and got me in the mood to plan a backpacking trip with the kids. Check this trail out and take your dog, even my Tate behaved on this trail!