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Hiawatha Mountain Bike Trail, ID

If you like the thrill of a good mountain bike trail with breath taking views than bring the whole family to Hiawatha Mountain Bike Trail. This was my niece Katie's idea to get the family together and it is something I will always remember as it was the first outing after losing Brian. We drove to the pass and then we rode a bus to the trail head. Loading bikes was easy and even standing in the line to sign in was fun. The ride it mostly a slight downhill slope so it's easy for kids too. There are tunnels to ride through and you get a little wet but not much. Pack a lunch and stop along the way and enjoy looking out over the mountains. We have been in this area on ATV's but I have to say you see so much more on a mountain bike plus the exercise. Thanks Katie for this family memory!  Highly recommend this day trip for your next biking adventure!! Don't forget your headlamp or rent from us...had to throw that in. Get out and have fun!